Albuquerque Joinery LLC

Fine carpentry and adobe construction by Kenny DeLapp

About Albuquerque Joinery

Kenny DeLapp established Albuquerque Joinery LLC in 2020 after building his own adobe home in the South Valley under an owner-builder permit, and working for his uncle, long-time adobe builder Win DeLapp.  Previously, he worked fabricating museum exhibits and other pieces of fine carpentry.  In addition to adobe construction, Albuquerque Joinery builds custom doors, cabinetry, and fine woodworking in general, all produced in an adobe / timber frame shop.

Who we Are

Kenny DeLapp, general contractor
Esther Fredrickson
Nathan Demar


Contact | 505-503-9681
GB-2 Residential Building Contractor License #402455
Bonded and Insured in the State of New Mexico
Instagram: @abq_joinery